I Do Not Cuddle (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

I Do Not Cuddle (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

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This is just another spur-of-the-moment mini fic idea I had so I thought that I may as well write it down!

I've got a feeling that maybe sometime in the future I may add to this or build around it in some way, so keep a look out!

Hope you enjoy the fic :3

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When everyone comments about being short but I'm here with my 5'9" self
Rick: Hey Daryl, you got my-
                              Daryl: Stuff and...
                              Both: Thangs!
Daryl: Yer...sounds like it'ssssaaa plan"
                              Me: How many drugs are you on?
                              Daryl: Aaaaall of eeeeeeeemmmmm
                              Me: Right then
Everyone's complaining cuz their so short, at least y'all aren't 4'10
I'm 5'4 only 5 inches smaller than him!?!? He looks so much taller!!!!
sunshine1789 sunshine1789 Nov 06, 2015
I'm immature, so when he said dump ,I was like "He said dump"