Storm of Purity

Storm of Purity

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Nagisa Shiota By NagisaShiota11 Updated Jan 15

After a rather nasty beating, resulting in losing his right arm, Hiruzen employs the help of his son to get Naruto out of the village. Where Asuma decided to take him, was quite simple. The Fire Temple, of course!

For the next seven years, Naruto trained under the tutelage of Chiriku. How will Konoha react to the white storm, that is Naruto? Find out!

⚠I owe nothing⚠

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Sapphire208 Sapphire208 Aug 07, 2017
Glitch! what the fudge! How can you be so calm!!😨😨😨😨😨
Iodon53 Iodon53 Mar 28, 2017
At least you didn't get a full blown chat about periods 
                              That was not exactly the best thing to hear about
Hiraescence Hiraescence Dec 26, 2017
Asuma: It isn't your fault.
                              *few seconds later*
                              Asuma: You should have watched him more carefully, Dad.
YaoiGoddess005 YaoiGoddess005 Oct 05, 2017
Yep, cause you're Deadpool and it's an everyday occurrence that your arm gets cut off :3
PhillipWallaceJr PhillipWallaceJr 6 days ago
Oh, look at that another wiredo to add to the long list of Naruto
Deep_Forest1221 Deep_Forest1221 Jul 26, 2017
"Oh my arm is missing.... hmmmm should I have miso or pork ramen today?"