The Ginger Stole My Heart

The Ginger Stole My Heart

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? Theodosia ? By tsapresent Updated Apr 25, 2017

"I don't know what you find so extortionately funny but I suggest you take your ball and keep it the hell way from me!"

"Are you sure honey, cos my ball is pretty big..."


Kat was not your average high school girl. She preferred books to parties, coffee to vodka and cats over boys every day of the week.

So it kind of messed things up when her school burned down and for her senior year she was allocated a new one.

Boy did she not expect what was coming. Emphasise on boy because due to lack of council funding they had decided to simply merge Kat's girls public high school with the snooty local boys private high school.

This was going to be interesting.


  • badboy
  • boys
  • cats
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  • ginger
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CoffeeCrazy949 CoffeeCrazy949 Nov 16, 2016
Judging from the description of the book...
                              I relate to this girl 100%, so this should be interesting.
Cydney_wagner Cydney_wagner Nov 06, 2016
Is it I like my uniform it's all black apart from a white blouse and black pencil skirts ...
Viberwolf Viberwolf Feb 24, 2017
Going to come right out and say it that girl looks ugly I'm am so sorry
kitkatz678 kitkatz678 Jan 21, 2017
heyy friend, imma hex u k?
                              Eymd sem þú hefur gefið nú skilað.
                              dagar eru fordæmdur ...
                              Eins myndin er brennt.
                              Heyrið orð mín eins og ég segi þá vel ...
                              Taktu eymd og
                              FARA TIL HELVÍTIS!!!
                              lol luv u xxxx
Abnornal_Teensz Abnornal_Teensz Sep 02, 2015
Wow that's embarrassing. This is me all day I remember when I drop my glasses I couldn't sees thing. I swear I felt like Velma from Scooby Doo lol
sahlty sahlty Aug 29, 2015
boys like these make me want to punch them all the way to the north pole