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The Witching Hex ~Sciles~

The Witching Hex ~Sciles~

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FanFicForTheFace By FanFicForTheFace Updated Jan 30

After the whole think with Kate everything resumed as normal as it could for the pack. However that changes all to quickly in their world after one visit from stiles' aunt. That's not even the icing on the cake.The biggest problem out of everything was Stiles loves Scott and Scott loves Stiles but neither of them knew it till Scott went into heat while Stiles was in the shower. It's so funny how faith works, isn't it?

Well it wouldn't be rape because you basically gave Consent 😂😂
Oaky so they're both being idiots bc they both have girlfriends and there gay...okay well have fun *leaves the room*
I think i would be laughing my head off in the back bring like 'You stupid mother fuckers are in for a treat'
MeNotBugged MeNotBugged Mar 30
After that class i would probably be prancing around😆💙
im_soooo_bored im_soooo_bored Sep 26, 2016
Fan girls in the classroom: ok girls we gotta be there ok Kira you work on disguises Allison you bring the cameras everyone else bring snacks 
                              Coach:😒😒😒😒😒 ugggghhhhh fan girls
1976JeepCJ5 1976JeepCJ5 Jul 09, 2016
Is this really what that class is like???? I don't have it where I'm at, that sounds actually kind of embarrassing. 
                              No scratch that, bloody hell it would be completely embarrassing!! 
                              someone educate me on how this class works, is it optional? Is this what really goes down in it?