A Girl In Disguise (An Assassination Classroom Fanfic)

A Girl In Disguise (An Assassination Classroom Fanfic)

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ReversePrince By ReversePrince Updated Oct 01, 2017

Ketsueki Shiro, a crossdresser, a boy, a girl, a smart idiot, and an unusual fake assassin. 
Despite not knowing anything from his past, other than the fact that he was raised in the wilderness. He has no clue who he is, who his parents are and why he was living with wolves.
Saved and taken in by Kiku-san and met his best friend, Akari. He's about to go out there and try to find something interesting. 
Class 3-E is on edge about this transfer student, he was by far the second person to injure Korosensei and the first to threaten and dishonour the always smirking, Karma.

Will he fulfill his wish and dream or will he be stuck forever and never accomplish anything. A newbie or a pro? Just who is Kestueki Shiro....!?

Disclaimer: I don't own Assassination Classroom!
I'm NOT going to follow the manga! EXCEPT FOR SOME PARTS!!
Other than my OC's and story plot. Everything else belongs to the author of Assassination Classroom, whose name I forgot because of my bad memory!

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himesweetchoco himesweetchoco Dec 28, 2017
okay. so she likes beating people while likes making them friends. what a good friend you are, girl
ikr but white hair and red eyes are my friends type
                              im more of the long ass silver hair type or the honey senpai type
Kawaii_Charm Kawaii_Charm Jun 03, 2017
Author~senpai, is the oc boy or girl?? Cuz at the description it said 'crossdreser' then 'he' and I'm here like; "Is Author~senpai saying he cuz its a cross dreser or its is real gender....? I need to know this beauty *^* XD"