Kidnapped By My Alpha Mate- Old Version

Kidnapped By My Alpha Mate- Old Version

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{Beautiful Cover By: whereaboutss}
"I'm a hunter and you're a wolf, this can't work. I just-" he cut me off with a passion filled kiss and I couldn't help but cry as I kissed him back. I loved him, I didn't want to leave. "Rosie this will work, you are mine" he growled possessively, pulling me closer. I sighed "Asher-" he cut me off yet again but this time with his hand. His beautiful golden eyes bore into mine making me go weak in the knees. "Mine" he whispered against  my neck and all I could do was nod in agreement. I was forever his as he was forever mine, if we survived tomorrow that is.

On her 18th birthday Rosalie Burns get's taken out on her first pack raid as an official hunter. She's less than excited, all she wants to do is live a normal life as a normal human. But fate seems to have other plans for our heroine, during the raid something terrible goes wrong and Rosie finds herself in the clutches of the Lunar Eclipse Pack. What is going to happen to her? Will her family and friends come searching for her? Or will she be at the alpha's mercy?

Now enter Asher Valentine, he's the alpha of the pack and ready to destroy Rosalie because she is the daughter of Jared Burns, the most feared hunter in the supernatural world. Things take a whole new turn once he finds Rosalie is his soul mate, what's he to do when she starts to run away. Well kidnap her of course! Asher falls instantly for Rosalie but she's a little spitfire that may need some taming, can he make her fall for him? What about the hunter's surely they'll be back for little Rosie but Asher is dead set on keeping her. Will a war break out or will something worse happen? Read on and find out!

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- - Jul 29, 2015
My dad... Has accepted the fact that I'm beautiful and have boys falling at my feet!
                              Jk but seriously by now he better be over, “No touching boys till you're thirty,” cuz that ain't happening.
Withinthewilderness Withinthewilderness Jul 03, 2015
Wow. Finely detailed and written. A little improvements with the dialogues though. Issa good book.
WeCrashAllNight WeCrashAllNight Jun 21, 2015
Omg.. Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?! 
                              *silently chants "TVD! TVD! TVD!!"*
AveryNeal4 AveryNeal4 May 26, 2015
omf im listening to Kodaline, All I Want. its like if you loved me, why you leave me? all i want is, and all i need is and all I need is to find somebody, like you. im crying rn
AveryNeal4 AveryNeal4 May 26, 2015
is something gonna happen bc its past tence and it has was in it. that or she is just telling it in past tense and shes writing it in a notebook or some type if shït like that
IrkingMyNerves IrkingMyNerves May 13, 2015
My dad is like you're not allowed to date until you're dead....WHO THE FREAK AM I SUPPOSED TO DATE...CASPAR THE GHOST!!!!!!!!!!