ABANDONED Weakest Are Always The Strongest

ABANDONED Weakest Are Always The Strongest

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pinktoothles By pinktoothles Updated Nov 12

You are a night fury called (y/n) who is called weak for being small for a dragon. Sadly you can't prove them wrong for you have never seen another night fury. But this changes when you are shot down and captured by Drago Bludvist. 

One day a male night fury called toothless gets captured and put in the same cage as you. Slowly but surely you start to fall for Toothless. 

 Will he love you back?

( Toothless X Reader )

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Since when?!  They have full names?  And if so that does not fit?   #Confused
Tombstone death dispare you? (Wow my full name sounds depressing)
Yesssss! I want one!! Can I please have a snickers!! *puppy eyes*
Lumiuos Lumiuos Nov 15
My name was NightShade if ur wondering why its my fav flower and my eyes were a shade of lilac or lavender maybe periwinkle but they were one of the above! DOKI DOKI
Reminds me of everyday. I wake up and then fall asleep as if a sleeping dart was shoved into my side.
Http-Peggy Http-Peggy Jul 11
Omg I didn't know dragons had full names. XD where's his ID?