The Weakest Are Always The Strongest

The Weakest Are Always The Strongest

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pinktoothles By pinktoothles Updated Dec 25, 2016

You are a night fury called (y/n) who is called weak for being small for a dragon. Sadly you can't prove them wrong for you have never seen another night fury. But this changes when you are shot down and captured by Drago Bludvist. 

One day a male night fury called toothless gets captured and put in the same cage as you. Slowly but surely you start to fall for Toothless. 

 Will he love you back?

( Toothless X Reader )

Zana_Zoola14 Zana_Zoola14 4 days ago
Since when?!  They have full names?  And if so that does not fit?   #Confused
Yesssss! I want one!! Can I please have a snickers!! *puppy eyes*
Omg I didn't know dragons had full names. XD where's his ID?
GameZGaming GameZGaming Jun 24
is it weird i imagined her with a british accent or austrailian i couldn't tell XD
Is he supposed to have hiccups last name? Cause I'm pretty sure that's not it.......
when did "raven black" fit in with "toothless"? And when did dragons get full names? #CONFUSION