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🤭 By ametaphorokay Updated Jul 22, 2015

He's the rich man everybody wants.

She's the shy girl that no one knows.

He's the mean man who doesn't care about anybody.

She's the girl who cries herself asleep every night.

️Ashley has been abused by her dad every since her mom died in a car crash. Her dad blames her for everything because her mom was going to get Ashley from daycare. He blames Ashley for her death and thinks she deserves every punch and kick that comes her way.

Xander lives in a huge mansion and sleeps around wit endless women just for the fun of it. He has sex with them and the he leaves them with the drop of a dime. He has a past that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Ashley and Xander will cross paths one day and they will both grow to love each other. They will both let things out about their past and learn to love the present time and look forward to the future.

Can Xander and Ashley overcome their boundaries and learn to love what burns?

Cover by: @Captain_Batman2

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EchoWolf12 EchoWolf12 Jun 19, 2017
I'm 5'10, all these short àss people in the comments 😂😂😂
trashlandx trashlandx Mar 21
I’m 5’11 and I’m the smallest in my family 😭 except my dog thoooo
wanyli wanyli Feb 03
Im 29 and 4'8" its normal thou... This comment are so rude for someone shorts 😡
HappyPickles HappyPickles Oct 13, 2017
I’m sorry but Ik ur trying to make the character cute and all... but 4’8 is just wayyyyy too much
We bave nice PE teacher,he is so nice and hot,but he is my teacher know😂🤦🏼
No fair like i have to read classics and Shakespeare. I don't get to ready the divergent series
                              Tho gotta love it