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gina By ginawriter Completed

Hanna is perfectly content with spending another uneventful summer working as a lifeguard at her local beach, like she has for the past two summers.

Only a few days into the beach season, Jesse arrives, the seemingly apathetic fellow lifeguard who happens to sit next to her while on duty. At first, they don't expect to get along with each other or have anything in common.

But they do.

One is a shared family past that neither of them had ever heard about before. 

And two is the fact that not only do they save the lives of others, they both need saving themselves.

It's nice, but there is one downside. Gaining weight is a huge struggle for me.
Mishnathaly Mishnathaly 6 days ago
i've never had a boyfriend.
                              maybe once, but i was like in the fourth grade and i broke up with him the day we got together... 
LiliMNel LiliMNel Feb 08
People constantly tell me this too
                              Like no offence, but kindly fuxk off
I think I am probably her. This is how quirky I am to my friends haha
I am so excited for this Gina!  I absolutely love your writing,  it's so fresh and detailed and professional as they say it. So glad I chose this <3
lizquestrian lizquestrian 6 days ago
same but two feet taller *** (okay maybe not 2 feet but i was like 5'5' and he was like 5'8". now i'm 5'8" and he's 6'2"