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Zayn sat outside on the curb in front his now old foster home as Lou, his social worker, talked to the family. 

"Just give him another chance. He really is a great kid."

"No way. That brat is never welcomed back." Lillian, the mother of the house, said before slamming the door shut.

Lou sighed as she walked towards Zayn. 

"Hey bud, come on." she said softly. Zayn got up with his bag and followed Lou to her car. They both got in quietly and Lou began the drive back to her office. 

"I'm sorry, Lou." Zayn said quietly.

"Zayn this isn't you're fault one bit. Some people just foster for the money and don't realize how much work it actually is. People are greedy and I know it isn't fair, but one day I know you will find your forever family." Lou said and Zayn only nodded in response because deep down they both knew it would take a miracle for Zayn to be adopted. An hour later, they pulled in to the all to familiar social service office and went up to Lou's office." Zayn I think I may h...

Es tan raro ver la palabra booket sin que sea la profesora gritando que los saquemos junto a los libros
Doll17149 Doll17149 Jul 13, 2017
The Canadian doesn't give a damn and will probably never know that
1Dfam_xo 1Dfam_xo Nov 20, 2016
I know that (I feel so smart)😂 
                              It was Winston Churchill but during the war Neville Chamberlain took over, until the 50s when Churchill took over again.
Ravenheart01 Ravenheart01 Feb 21, 2017
I'm 15. I weigh between 98 - 103 pounds. And I'm 5'7. It's really hard to gain weight. Sometimes I really hate my fast metabolism.
JordiRiley JordiRiley Nov 01, 2016
Honestly I'm thinking of the fosters as I'm reading this lol
mixofpotions mixofpotions Sep 03, 2015
I've seen a 13 year old that 6'0 in my school. he's 14 now though