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Didn't See Him Coming(Quicksilver/ Pietro Maximoff Love Story) [Complete]

Didn't See Him Coming(Quicksilver/ Pietro Maximoff Love Story) [Complete]

58.6K Reads 2K Votes 15 Part Story
Meow By TranquilNinja Completed

H.Y.D.R.A had a third test subject. Her name is Viveca Rosewood. She had the power to manipulate and create snow or ice and the ability to phase through objects: walls, floors, people. Instantly, Viveca befriends the Maximoff twins, Pietro and Wanda. Other than the fact they are the only experiments that survived and are Enhanced they share a hate for Tony Stark

Published: June 12, 2015
Completed: June 5, 2016

AmichelleYT AmichelleYT Apr 08
I'm so happy that some people make it where Pietro does not die
I love you for doing this.
                              I saw the yuri on ice fanfic.
                              You are my new bbbbbbff
Ya I'll kick his butt of he ever used "didn't see that coming" ever I will break his skull in the movies not real life
I am not ashamed to admit I love petrio. I mean come on. He's peitro.
CrzyBunny CrzyBunny Dec 27, 2016
Thank u, everyone knows Pietro is bae and shouldn't die.😂😘😘
dulceamorr dulceamorr Feb 20
he doesn't even die in the comics so like marvel what the hell?