My twin brother and I have to go to a new school, and i'm a badass's mate?

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Chloe Jacobs is a badass loner. She hates almost everyone unless she takes some unknown liking to you. You don't want to get on her bad side. She is scaring, fierce, and cold. Only her twin brother knows why. She hates that they have to start new because of her. She hates getting close to people. She loves drawing, reading, writing, fighting, pranking, singing, instruments, and being badass. She loves who she is. She hate it when people pick on her friends so if she's your friend, she'll protect you with her life. She will do anything to make her brother happy. She loves him more than anything. She has a bad past, but she's trying to forget it and live in the present, that is, if she can.
    Cody Jacobs is a badass loner and Chole's Twin. They have the same personality and ssometimes, you can't even tell them apart. Even though he's a guy and she's a girl. They act and think the same way. They often say things at the same time. He loves his sister and will protect her over anything or anyone else. He loves drawing, reading, writing, fighting, pranking, singing, instruments, and being badass. He will do anything to make his sister happy. He's glad that they are going to start new. As long as it helps his sister, he will do anything.
    Dylan Colts is a werewolf. He is also a badass and loner. His only friends are the ones that are in his pack. He's Alpha. He has a pack of 5, including himself. He is cold and scary. He doesn't want a mate. He just wants to be by himself. He loves fighting, drawing, reading, singing, and running in wolf form. He loves his life and wouldn't change anything... untill now.
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Actually PazKat my brother and I have natural silver streaks in our hair  :)
Its not possible to have natural silver streaks in your hair although lycanism or lycanthropy or just plain being a lycan is also completely and totally impossible to the max
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