Broken Floors and Rotten Doors

Broken Floors and Rotten Doors

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Juicebox By juiceboxandexpresso Updated Jul 19

Cover made by: NorthWindsOfArk 

Final entry:

To all the Deltas, I am no one important. Just a loyal friend to a soul I made whole. This entry may not seem intresting nor logical at the moment but it is of the greatest significance. I have succeeded in creating Alpha 3, Delta 2, Beta 1, and Omega Shattered.  You did not know what happened to you because this meant no harm. You are all necessary to complete my final piece of Alpha 3. Why? Because you are the mindset that accepted us. Both factions as friend not foe. Keep my peace that I will have sacrificed my very spark for. When you read this, I will have already been gone by this point of chapter in the story. Do not hate my creations for I have brought them here from better dimensions. You may call me, "The Servant of 'The Bringer of Peace'."

To my loyal friend and assistant. When you get this, today would have been your birthday. I apologize that I will not be there to celebrate alongside you but I hope Alpha 3 is a good enough present. After all, you and I wanted this peace. You may have not been able to return to Delta 2, I am sorry I failed that task for you, thus I gave you a better place. You found yourself a new home where there are no conflicts. The world I seeked for my master and my sanity will now rest in your hands. I have always been a part of you and now I always will. Live well and live long. May you never be broken again. And let there be no more broken floors nor rotten doors.

Submitted: Beta 1, 2017.

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I don't know what the plot i leading to but i hope the future chapters explain when i read them
Infinite_Galaxies817 Infinite_Galaxies817 Jul 25, 2016
I'm guessing the floors being broken has a deeper meaning than just broken floors
MountFelina MountFelina Jun 14, 2016
He wants to believe you, he just doesn't know how to, Robin :)
- - Jul 09, 2015
This this chapter reminds me of a Joker Fanfiction haha. 
                              Love it <3
NorthWindsOfArk NorthWindsOfArk Jul 02, 2015
yeah! they're all moldy and broken and does no one notice the mud!?
Queen_of_Artem Queen_of_Artem Jun 26, 2015
this is a very good first chapter. and I hope you update very soon