~Jealousy    Black Butler x reader

~Jealousy Black Butler x reader

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🌸 Rin 🌸 By weirdccokie Completed

(Y/N) is Sebastian Michaelis fience but also the most beautiful girl in the place.
Who will (Y/N) end up with?

Read the story and find it out ♣

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MagicalFandomWriter MagicalFandomWriter Jul 29, 2017
In the real world I would be around his Hightower if abbot taller. But this is still amazing and hilarious!!
mounearalajme_191 mounearalajme_191 Dec 06, 2017
The one in the pic is Claude .... I always see fanfic use this pic as cover or chapter pic for Sebastian
Shionaze Shionaze May 14, 2016
Me:*laugh*my my ciel ....welcome to the reality ~
                              Ciel:shut up you tiger.....
                              Me:tch...my name is shayga....
                              Ciel:but your name sound like tiger,so i call you tiger
                              Me:if i'm really a tiger......i wanna bite your ass down....
Xx-psycho_jenn-xX Xx-psycho_jenn-xX May 12, 2016
I laughed so hard when ciel said OMG XDD And.... Smaller hmm... Yep I'm smaller than him :(
Zane_Ro_maeve Zane_Ro_maeve May 16, 2016
Spelt fiancée and no I'm a actor. Sebastian isn't my senpai and I know I'm hot, but shouldn't people love me for me and call me a potato!
Emily_thekiller Emily_thekiller Jun 13, 2016
Ciel thoughts: "Her long (H/C) hair"
                              Me: I have short hair ;-;