~Jealousy    Black Butler x reader

~Jealousy Black Butler x reader

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🌸 Rin 🌸 By weirdccokie Completed

(Y/N) is Sebastian Michaelis fience but also the most beautiful girl in the place.
Who will (Y/N) end up with?

Read the story and find it out ♣

    In the real world I would be around his Hightower if abbot taller. But this is still amazing and hilarious!!
    animecrazzygirl animecrazzygirl May 08, 2016
    ah ciel, in the book im shorter but in real life im quite tall..
    Nami-Chii Nami-Chii May 14, 2016
    Me:*laugh*my my ciel ....welcome to the reality ~
                                  Ciel:shut up you tiger.....
                                  Me:tch...my name is shayga....
                                  Ciel:but your name sound like tiger,so i call you tiger
                                  Me:if i'm really a tiger......i wanna bite your ass down....
    Xx-psycho_jenn-xX Xx-psycho_jenn-xX May 12, 2016
    I laughed so hard when ciel said OMG XDD And.... Smaller hmm... Yep I'm smaller than him :(
    Zane_Ro_maeve Zane_Ro_maeve May 16, 2016
    Spelt fiancée and no I'm a actor. Sebastian isn't my senpai and I know I'm hot, but shouldn't people love me for me and call me a potato!
    Emily_thekiller Emily_thekiller Jun 13, 2016
    Ciel thoughts: "Her long (H/C) hair"
                                  Me: I have short hair ;-;