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A New Regalia (YatoxReader)

A New Regalia (YatoxReader)

45.7K Reads 1.9K Votes 14 Part Story
Jupiter By xXSpadeofHeartsXx Completed

Yukine  had gotten bored of Yato and decided he wanted some time away. Yato then releases Yukine and looks for another regalia to use for the time Yukine is away. (A/N: look, I know this probably wouldn't happen, but just pretend. Look at it this way: do you want a YatoxReader or nah?)

Ely_0111 Ely_0111 Jul 15
How old is Yato? I'm how old he is.. which is probably 15 or 16 since he's Hiyoto's age. And Hiyoto is in 9th grade
Unkn0wn1dentity Unkn0wn1dentity 6 hours ago
Call me cute one more time then I'll chop you up into bits and put those bits in a blender. Then, I'll feed your blended parts to my hellhound.
anim_cm anim_cm May 15
Black long sleeve shirt and a jean with a galaxy converse (XD)
Unkn0wn1dentity Unkn0wn1dentity 6 hours ago
Wait... what if the color is black? How can Yato see black in shadows?
Unkn0wn1dentity Unkn0wn1dentity 5 hours ago
I said not to call me cute. That's it... you pay the price... >chops Yato up and  puts the pieces in a blender.< >feeds the blended body to my hellhound<
I am not "CUTE". 
                              I am scary and can tear you apart if I want to.