Valerian Empire [Featured Story]

Valerian Empire [Featured Story]

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Ash By ash_knight17 Completed

[18+ ] 

"But he is a good man," she argued to see his eyes narrow at her words.
"And I could be a bad man," he warned, "Until you're under my wing, I expect you to behave and listen to what I say. Do not let any man kiss you, Katherine. We don't want you falling into wrong hands like before so play along."
"I'm not yours to listen," she blurted out and felt her face flush with embarrassment for the second time in the evening, "I mean you can't-"
"So disobedient," he murmured before his hand moved from her waist to her back pulling her close to him and he whispered, 
"Would you want to be mine?"

𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝟏𝟖𝟑𝟒
A dark time when the shadowed creatures descended the peaceful human lands, making their existence known slowly. The time when empires were ruled by the human's conspiracy, betrayal, and hate but unaware that they were just mere puppets. The actual puppeteers behind the scenes were the shadowed creatures, having the power to crush anything in their way.
What happens when a little human girl catches the eye of one of the pureblooded Lord? Will she survive the political affairs between the lands when there is a handsome Lord involved and not to forget the ghost that's followed her back home.

  • 1800
  • council
  • dark
  • drama
  • duke
  • empire
  • fantasy
  • featured
  • ghost
  • historical
  • humanxvampire
  • humor
  • immortal
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  • love
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  • mystery
  • pureblood
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • thriller
  • vampire
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  • victorian
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teddy_luv teddy_luv Sep 16
The vocabulary alone is making me excited to read this book.
omg fr i thought the title was vampirian empire but i think this book has something to do with vampires anyway so go me
sugacrystalz sugacrystalz 7 days ago
i swear if the bunny dies... *starts sharpening wooden stick*
MikisuRansu MikisuRansu 2 days ago
                              2:50 P.M.
                              In a home
                              In a place.
                              In a country.
                              In a planet.
                              In the Milk Way Galaxy.
                              In the Universe.
sugacrystalz sugacrystalz 7 days ago
                              november 6 2018 
                              9:44 pm
                              i just came from reading the demons soul this is gonna be my second book ive read by this author 💜
coconut-man coconut-man Nov 05
Aqwhajhwjhww cute
                              But it’s kinda weird thinking that they’re gonna be banging in the future