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OppositeReality By OppositeReality Updated Jul 13, 2015

I'm just a normal high school student.

I go to school on time everyday, I pay attention in my classes, and get decent grades.

My family isn't rich but they we arent poor either. Just an average, middle class family with 2 parents but I don't have any siblings.

I love to sing, which is why I'm one of the best in his school choir, but I'm not popular. I don't really care for things like that. I also have one of the most handsome boyfriends in the entire school, Kim Jongin but everyone calls him Kai. We've been going out for a couple of months now because we met each other over summer break and instantly feel for each other. Even with all the rumors of him being a playboy, I still love him.

And with all this, I'm happy.

Except for one thing. 


What is a normal high school life without bullies? The 'Giants' as I call them. I'm pretty short and these three boys were huge compared to me. Who allowed skyscrapers to go to a public school? 

They are the most popular people in the...

SnoopySoo SnoopySoo Nov 20, 2016
                              IF THATS TRUE I WILL DIE
OppositeReality OppositeReality May 31, 2015
@MarilynBonilla hmmm..You could write about chanyeol and kai and one of them is a cop and the other one is a criminal
OppositeReality OppositeReality May 31, 2015
@MarilynBonilla this one is going to end up being a chansoo, you just have to wait a while ;)
MarilynBonilla MarilynBonilla May 31, 2015
you should do another one about chansoo.I will write another book so tell me what I should write about?