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Please, Love Me? || Stan X Reader

Please, Love Me? || Stan X Reader

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☆Ally☆ By Loner_Chan Completed

Another boring day for (y/n) as her alarm clock wool her up to early. "Shaddup!" She shouts, smashing the snooze button. She checked the clock to see that it was 4:00am. "Thanks clock, for fucking waking me up to early!" She mumbled, getting out of bed. You couldn't go back to sleep. Even if you tried. You put on a (f/c) skirt and a white tank top. You sigh, checking the clock, 4:18am. School started at 8:00am. You sigh, today, you were gonna try out for the cheerleading squad, your not sure you can make it, but it's worth a try! "Rosy!" You call out. You're husky lifted its head up. "Hewo sweetie" you say. Rosy, you're dog, gets up and walks up to you. You pet her soft head. "You a good girl?" You asked her. Woof woof "yes your a good girl!" You say. 

You're dog goes and lays down on its bed, you sigh, sitting on your (f/c) bed. You fall down on your bed, looking up at the ceiling, you walls where painted a light blue with clouds on them, and you did like to look at it. That gave you...

Can I just wear a t-shirt, a hoodie, and some shorts?
                              Okay, I had to say that, sooorrryyyy~
                              "I woke up early and decided to stalk you with the camera I put in your room, and discovered u were awake, so I randomly texted u"
panwaff panwaff 4 days ago
Wait he is not throwing up....... He might if thought he loved Wendy....... But when Stan throws up on Wendy..... He is disgusted not in love.... Illuminati confirmed
Everyone is angry at Wendy and I am like
                              YO BITCH DONT SHOUT TO LIL TWEEKY, CRAIGY, ANE ME!
BetchayBacani BetchayBacani May 22, 2016
You dont know what its called stan!? Well its called jealousy!!!!!!!!! Or jelly... now im hungry!!!
Pen_meow Pen_meow Nov 29, 2016
NOOO MOM STOP I DID NOT LOSE MY VIRGINITY....... *mumbles* yet...... *Mom yells* WHAT!!!!! *reader-Chan* WHAT NOTHING GTG BYE!!!!!!!*runs off to the moon*