Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming [A Vampire Academy fanfiction]

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Carol Tran By realityxfantasy Updated 2 years ago
I do not own this. Most of the characters belong to Richelle Mead, author of the Vampire Academy series. 
    Emma DiCamillo is a 16-year-old dhampir (half vampire, half human) who's a bit of a smart cookie and is trained to kill Strigoi (dangerous undead immortal vampires). But, she's got a fight in her. Adrian Ivashkov, however, is a royal Moroi (a mortal vampire who specializes in one of the Earth's elements) who's a bit of a player. But, he harnesses the powers of spirit, an element so powerful he can heal the sick and bring back the dead. Emma's brother Dante, has been in a coma for many years due to a hazardous fire. Can Adrian bring Dante back?
this fan fiction is good! Can everyone come read my fan fiction on VA . its goof and i need more feedback
Everyone should come check my story it's based on VA but it's based on Dimitri's perspective instead of Rose's. Please view it even if you're not a VA fan
Hi. I love this. I made a fan-fiction too.
OMG i love these series i never knew it was popular
                                    read when i am bored
i love the vampire academy series it's my favorite series and i can't wait until the third book of the golden lilly is released :) you are an awesome writer
The Vampire Academy series is brilliant but I haven't read it in a while =/ I don't remember much of what happened in Last Sacrifice? Did Lissa become Queen?
                                    Anyway this sounds good already, and cool she has the marks on her neck!!! Awesome!! =D