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Save Me From The Monsters - A Ziall Fic

Save Me From The Monsters - A Ziall Fic

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Steve or Anon or whatever By Anonymous43 Completed

Niall has always been special. They called him different, strange, diseased. But he had visited many doctors, and none of them diagnosed him with anything. Niall was just scared, all the time. Paranoid, some people may call it. He swore there were monsters out to get him, and constantly lived his life in fear, never having the guts to tell anyone what was really happening to him.
Until he meets Zayn.
Zayn Malik has many frightening features himself. But will he be able to get Niall to loosen up, and for once in his life actually face the monsters who have made his life hell?

raylen04 raylen04 Dec 21, 2016
I don't know why but this is I think my favorite line in fanfiction ever tbh😂
I'm reading this in the shower and I didn't even realize a tear roll down my cheek
I basically only read Larry and this is my first Ziall fic and I'm so ready
AJANAE4567 AJANAE4567 Feb 11
I was kinda creepy when Zayne said that Niall was going to be his
This is the first time I've read a fic where Harry and Louis weren't the main characters. Lol.
AJANAE4567 AJANAE4567 Feb 12
I'm sorry but that was the stupidest question I have ever heard in my entire life 😑😑😑