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Sweet Affection [Affection Series 4] {Completed}

Sweet Affection [Affection Series 4] {Completed}

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Sarah24SM By Sarah24SM Completed

Nothing in the world is sweeter than the affection of your soul mate and nothing in this world is bitter than the same person's ignorance.
  Giovanni has been in love with Engel before she even graced in his world, they were once a happy pair but now she cannot stand the sight of him. 
  Gio doesn't know how to make her fall in love with him again but he has to find a way as his relation with his mate is not just affecting his life but people around them as well, especially Erika and Enzo without whom he wouldn't have met Engel.
  All her life Jane has wanted nothing but to meet her mate, she has been taking notes from her father Dante and learning to be a good mate when she meets one.
  However, when she meets him, she did not think she would have to be not just his mate but his strength as well. 
  Chris, known as the prince and the only child of once a queen of the non-human world, Crystal was a sensitive child. Having two powerful parents and having too much power is not always a good think, especially when you are unable to hold it within yourself.
  Ariel with a bitter past dreads to trust anyone, she is never alone and always is with Devilin, as he vowed to protect her with his life. 
  However, when she meets her mate in the most unexpected way, she is in debate whether to break free of her fears or stay with in the cocoon she always had, while her mate Eric awaits for her to take the first step.
  Unlike, other men in her life he isn't the one making decisions for her nor is he the one to surround her with cushions so she doesn't get hurt when she falls and that is the trait of him what makes her seek him every time.
  It is not the rejection, that scares them but it is that affection, they find with their mate, which terrifies them.
  Affection Series:- 
  1. Mate's Affection 
  2. Warrior's Affection 
  3. Restrained Affection
  4. Sweet Affection
  5. Devil's Affection

DhamarGarca DhamarGarca May 22
I get she is sick but she has NO right to be a bitch birch and treat others the way she is treating everybody how the hell are you supposed to get better if you don't have the people that are supposed to love you next to you?
akaqua akaqua Apr 30, 2016
oh god get them bk together and fast ENZO n ERIKA needs each other man ... engel needs to calm herself and gio needs to hold on ...
emstorys emstorys Apr 27, 2016
Ohh pa-please. Like I understand that you are hard to get, but seriously IF you know he is the one, why push him away?
kansari kansari Jan 27
You know my father says sometimes a man in a relationship has to take dominating step to control a stubborn woman
dumas001 dumas001 Mar 07
Well done Erika and Gio she need some harsh treatment yes she is sick but does not mean she has to be a bitch.
Sarah24SM Sarah24SM Sep 26, 2015
lol he is Dante's son no logic needed his actions will b explained later no matter how crazy it is at the end if he sees sense in it thn tht is tht :)