8 Infinite Brothers 1 (Together)

8 Infinite Brothers 1 (Together)

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Inspirit Kim By kris6987 Completed

This is the story of eight brothers who grew up separately.

After Kim brothers parents both died because of illness Sunggyu stopped studying and start working hard just to feed his younger brother Myungsoo and to continue his studies.

He is already losing hope to find his six long lost brothers after their parents sell his 2 brothers Yadong(Dongwoo) and Hyundong(Woohyun) before like a puppies when they are still a little kids just to save the life of Myungsoo who was suffering weakness of the heart before. Then his other four dongsaengs Hodong(Hoya), Sungyeol, Hyungsoo(L), and Sungjong who were lost because of running away.

Sunggyu doesn't even know how and doesn't have any idea where to find his six younger brothers and his parents didn't gave him any details about his two rejected brothers because his parents didnt gave him any details about them and he doesnt know where to find his other four brothers who runs away.

Could they be all Together again?

Haha. Grandpa Gyu. 😂😂😂 So cute. Love thiz couple. Really. 😍👌😂
marosken marosken Nov 02
Hahaha ayan kris dami ng comment sa sroty mong ito hahaha paulanan ba anamn!
Myung being that sweet guy. Argh. Every time he will gonna act sweet, 😂🔫 Bang! 💣 😂😂😂
Kim Brothers! Sila po ang pinakaminamahal kong guys sa Infinite.  ^^ Additional na lang din si Namu. Sila ang top 3 ko. ❤😄
Haha. Lols. Suddenly remember Nics and I before and I dunno why. 😂😂😂
marosken marosken Nov 02
Wow ha author.. sm university and woolim hahhaa ayos ka ah.. makapag enroll nga jan hahaua