Cabin Fever (Scömìche)

Cabin Fever (Scömìche)

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Scott Hoying is 15 years old and all his life he has lived in, well basically the middle of nowhere. In a cabin. 

When rumors fly that a new family is moving in next door, its all he can think about. Perhaps this summer will be one of those classic romance movies? A hot girl moves in over the summer, they go swimming, and they steal kisses before returning back to their homes... 

It turns out to be quite the opposite actually when, not a cute girl, but a cute BOY happens to move in? Flamboyant as can be, the new boy next door could in fact make Scotts summer VERY interesting.

Agag23 Agag23 Aug 18
Mitch could could also be a fun hubby 😏 I mean hobby over the break.
it's a sin to kill a mockingbird, but maybe not a cow
                              okay idk what that was bye
queenjb01 queenjb01 Aug 02
Don't worry scott he's not a dick , but he sure does love dick 😌😋😉😊😏
Agag23 Agag23 Aug 18
I'm Attracted to gay people which is not a good thing cuz I'm a girl and I know they will never like me.
Agag23 Agag23 Aug 18
Who needs friend when you have wifi to watch SUPERFRUIT and ptx
damn. I thought the rumors about him being gAy were true, not the family. now I'm sad xD