Stay With Me (  Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader ) ~Owari no Seraph~

Stay With Me ( Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader ) ~Owari no Seraph~

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LadyTenshi By LadyTenshi Updated Feb 03, 2017

This story will have lemons and will be based on the anime "Owari no Seraph", 

This fanfic is a Mikaela X Reader, or an Owari no Seraph X Reader.

Warning- ( it will contain blood and may have some applied lemon)-

You might have found this story after watching the anime and finding 
one of the characters cute and cool~

I hope you enjoy the story~

*the story plot and the characters doesn't belong to me*

You met Mika in the orphanage after your Sensei introduced him to your family.  Years later, a virus hit Tokyo that only effected the people who were 13 years old and older leaving people who were younger surviving. 

A non human society took every kid and made them into livestocks. What happens after Mika and the whole family tries and escape the underground city to go back to their own world?

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I've always been the shortest person in school... Such a life full of "How's the weather down there?" and "Oh, sorry, didn't see you there, half pint!" My retorts were very violent, though.
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                              I need a life
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When I was at the mall with my mom and dad my mom said I was going to get a shot there and I nearly fainted!! My mom called me a baby but I didn't care!! Still don't!
Yosano-san Yosano-san Nov 23, 2016
I mean
                              U right Mika but damn
                              Y u gotta be so rude
                              He's dumb 
                              But damn