The Seven Sleepers

The Seven Sleepers

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MC Hawkins By mchawkinsauthor Completed

#1 in Adventure.
#14 in Science Fiction.

"There's no such thing as magic," Nick said.
"Do I not seem magical to you?" the archon said. Then it broke into gales of laughter again, as if it had said something outrageously funny.

Carmen shares a telepathic bond with her cat Grim. When the State bans pets, she has to find somewhere to hide him.

Finding a new home for Grim results in her falling in with the most wanted boy in the city. Worse, she's agreed to help him on his stupid quest to release a monster that has been imprisoned under the city for a thousand years. This wouldn't be a problem if anyone knew what the monster was, or how to wake it, or where in the underworld it's imprisoned - or if it even exists. They can only trust the word of the boy's criminal employer.

Then Carmen's parents are arrested and sentenced to death, and she must place her trust in this man. In doing so however, she risks killing not only her parents, but everyone on earth.
10 to adult. Also suitable for confident younger readers.
Bartimaeus - Jonathan Stroud
Fly By Night - Frances Hardinge
His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones
Harry Potter - JK Rowling

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Pearl1477 Pearl1477 Sep 10, 2017
Don't mind a lab pup. Although kittens are more of a deterrent.
AlexisBeard AlexisBeard Aug 16, 2017
Wow, number 1 in adventure, good job! No wonder you give such great reviews.
SamSpinelli SamSpinelli Mar 21, 2016
I lost it at the harsh penalties part of the copyright
                              Beheading,  wifi disconnection, and induntation by awards of Lab Retriever puppies
maybeiwas2shy maybeiwas2shy Mar 02, 2017
Not the kale. The puppies and wifi-disconnection I can deal with butt the healthy vegetables? No pls :)
AaronDuggan15 AaronDuggan15 Jun 22, 2016
Cannot wait to begin book, i just read the beginning text and it seems like this could be a great book for anyone.
qhueen_queer qhueen_queer Nov 23, 2016
*does what is said not to do*
                              COME AT ME PUPPIES