ICE PRINCE // BTS Suga || edited

ICE PRINCE // BTS Suga || edited

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I am a cold person. I am unfriendly. I am bad. I am...a loser. Knowing no one likes me or pretended to like me really hurting my soul.

I don't want to open up to anyone else before, but they changed my mind that there's still people who cared, and loved me.

Being hurted by someone you loved, many feelings going through me. Hate, hurt, anger, disappointment, sad and happy. Yeah, I'm happy for meeting her again and seeing she's happy with hurting me, it makes me happy too.

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If I were yoongi I would be like
                              Yoongi: Whatcha mean?! You don't even have SWEG!!! Why would you even be my family when you don't have SWEG!!!
wingardium- wingardium- 6 days ago
honey this isnt min yoongi , its me , and wow , intriguing start btw
About half my friends are suicidal (im not suicidal) and I help them as much as I can for them to see good
BTSAJ11 BTSAJ11 May 29
Awwwh I would be his friend to stop him from commiting suicide
SuGaCubezs SuGaCubezs Sep 03
Your fam is so gonna regret the fact that you will one day become one of the most internationally popular boy band 💖
Georgette-A Georgette-A Jun 01
Same. And i would want to be his friend to help him get through it. And I hope he would do the same...