My Abusive Thug Husband (Thug Love Story)

My Abusive Thug Husband (Thug Love Story)

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He was everything a girl could want. From the light brown eyes, to the caramel skin, soft curly brown hair, and his sexy deep dimples. He was definitely everything I wanted. He was sweet, funny, loyal, caring, trustworthy, honest, and loving...until the beatings came along

It all started 3 years ago, we were in high school. It was the beginning of junior year and that started off like any other love story. He was the new student and I was the first piece of eye candy. 3 months later, we dated and lasted for about a year and a half. When we broke up I was heart broken but we eventually got back together. He told me he couldn't live without me so soon after graduation, we got married. Yeah, we were young, but we were in love so we didn't know any better. After marriage, life was wonderful. Every night he was romantic and loving, especially the night he took my virginity. Then soon after, things started getting bad.

One night I was coming home from work later than usual and when I got ...

starr_andrews22 starr_andrews22 Oct 19, 2016
He needs to realize what he won't do good for her another nigga will and can u abuse him to I think not
Lexxy_Mariee Lexxy_Mariee Dec 16, 2015
😐Bruh I would a gave him them damn keys nigga is crazy😂😂