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The girl Quarterback

The girl Quarterback

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jerrymouse2000 By jerrymouse2000 Updated Oct 01, 2016

Laken Anderson is a 17 years old girl who is not very popular at school. She just found out that her mother and father had just died in a car accident. When she and her twin brother are forced to move with her mothers best friend (Amy) and her husband and there children. What happens when they find out that she can play football.  What will she do? Well she play football? Will she want all the attention at her new school?

swim_faster swim_faster Apr 21, 2016
I love the story but i think you should put a difference like a paragraph and "" or «» when someone is talking... Awesome story tho
SangsterGangster03 SangsterGangster03 Feb 22, 2016
Just a helpful tip put quotation where the characters have dialogue. Also, when ever a new character starts speaking, a new paragraph begins.
BriBri914 BriBri914 Nov 04, 2015
Side note....not trying to be rude or anything should put the speaking in quotes