One Shots (Leave Me Requests)

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WishForLove By WishForLove Updated 4 years ago
bascially, this is a cluster of short stories! I will write them for others, so leave me requests and Ill make one for you (:
Can you make another Greyson one please? One where your already his girlfriend thanks (:
I don't know if I already asked you for a request but can you please make a oneshot with Jason Mccann? Thanks
Could you please make me a one shot? You're an amazing writer btw
@CSJBelieber *Coughs* When Will It Be Done ? *asks Politely*
@CSJBelieber Pshh I Know *Pops Collar* LoL Jaykay Thanks And Surprise Me....Nah ! um Make Them Tell Each Other That They Like Each Other ANd Um Make Him Have A Girlfriend Mwahahah *Evil Laugh* Yeah ... I'm Kinda Random !
@CSJBelieber My Name Is Yarethzia And Um Justin or Greyson :)