The Popularity Project

The Popularity Project

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Just abit normal By Aaliyah134 Completed

"Well, I called you because I've thought about the makeover and--"

"She's in." Lucy cut in, biting her lip again innocently when I scowled in her direction. 


Sieara has always just gotten on with life as your average, friendly nerd; but, when she stumbles into The Golden Boy, -quite literally- she is propositioned an opportunity to end the reign of the current Queen Bee, Chantelle Evans. 

With the help of her sister, she's transformed into a beauty, society expects seventeen year old girls to be. 

Will her makeover be a success? 

Will she attain her feelings at bay, for the boys she encounters on her journey? 

Well, find out now in, The Popularity Project.

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donald_trump_is_here donald_trump_is_here Jul 25, 2017
OHHHHHHH my Goddddddd yasss😫😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
My friends are popular (if you're thinking that they are fake....that's not true...because they are my friends since we were kids)
I mean that boy in your know what...screw it I'll just shut up
lovedetours lovedetours Oct 30, 2017
just reading the author’s note made me already love you!!☺️😍💕
Art_is_bae Art_is_bae Feb 16
Bye...leave just leave as mean girls states "You cant sit with us!!"
kasiapop kasiapop Feb 22
This book is the perfect level of cringe, I’m absolutely dying. As a college student it’s reminding me back to my shy days of middle/high school