The Popularity Project

The Popularity Project

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Just abit normal By Aaliyah134 Completed

"You've got some mouth for a nerd." Kyle stated, stroking his non-existent beard.

"Who says I'm a nerd?" I asked, narrowing my eyes to slits. 

"Woah, chill!" He exclaimed, holding his hands up in surrender. 

I raised an eyebrow at him as he shook his head in amusement. 

"What's so funny?" I sighed, blowing a strand of hair that had fallen across my face.

"Nothing. Nothing! You're just not what I expected." He explained, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Well you're everything I expected!" I stated, looking up to see his reaction.

"Enlighten me!" He demanded, suddenly becoming interested in the conversation.

"Jerk, arrogant, self-centered, egoistic, player, heartless.. I mean the list could go on!" I concluded, ticking the words off on my fingers.

"You don't know me." He stated, taking a step closer to me.

"And you don't know me." 


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femaleboss10 femaleboss10 Dec 17, 2016
Trust that annoys me i wake up at 7:00 feel sorry 4 the onez that wake up anytime be4 7....peek
me. every time i say "i'm not gonna wear makeup today" i HAVE to wear mascara. no matter what. idk why
smeyer19 smeyer19 Jan 09
What are you talking about the masked potatoes are the best part who cares about being healthy with the chicken😂
JosiByrd JosiByrd Feb 03
Wattpad- a place where fellow users relate to fictional characters and gawk at hot guys😂
mother_of_larry mother_of_larry Sep 06, 2016
Well...... It's that time 
                              U GOTTA BAE *tongue click* OR NAH
                              IS U TRYNA DATE *tongue click* OR NAH?!?
                              I'm not even sorry tbh