Vogue ✧ Muke AU

Vogue ✧ Muke AU

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aelin By -aelin Completed

❝You belong on the cover of Vogue, Luke, and I'm just your shadow, but fuck all if I'll disappear.❞

Michael lived quietly, thinking through the lens of a camera. Luke lived loudly, thinking through nothing. The two opposite sides of magnets that, no matter what, couldn't connect. Michael hated Luke. Luke hated Michael. No matter how many times they happened to bump into each other, it didn't change anything. There was just hate. 

Until there wasn't. 

Muke AU
pls don't read. this is really bad.

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itsalex0629 itsalex0629 Oct 02, 2017
Dude im queer and i cant remember the last time i read a het fanfiction yoo
lukeskitten lukeskitten Jun 04, 2017
lucas, lucas lucas... 90s are over u domt have to be angsty in order to be cool
Xxcloseas_malumxX Xxcloseas_malumxX May 10, 2017
even though he doesnt believe in love mikes determined to call him bluff
xxmalumisrealxx xxmalumisrealxx Jul 28, 2017
I don't care is my absolute jam, I am always humming it without realizing😂
larrywontsink larrywontsink Jan 17, 2017
Mukeiloveu Mukeiloveu Oct 26, 2016
This is the best disclaimer I've ever read, btw I only read lgbt+