I Got Ya!

I Got Ya!

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Char, Touha, and Life By charnellemartin Updated Oct 30, 2016

A Zolu fan-fic! (Zoro x Luffy)

Luffy is a prince that somehow was kidnapped and taken away from his home. Now he has to find his way home with the help of his new friends along the way.

 Also, a bunch of people after him for many reasons. One reason is because he's a missing person and his reward is pretty high. 

~Dedicated to those few who wanted it ~

⚠This is Yaoi!! you have been warned⚠

*Description may change/ be edited*

I own nothing except the plot of this book

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Rosie_Rose_98 Rosie_Rose_98 Jun 17, 2017
Sanji="Rapunzel" (like he's locked in a tower by someone, and Zoro has to save him)
animegirl520 animegirl520 Nov 13, 2016
That song was my life when I started watching  one piece 😍😍
loverwolf001 loverwolf001 Jul 29, 2016
Can you make a zoro x sanji book I really like this couple and I really like your books and thought you will be the perfect person to make one
wooooziii wooooziii Aug 25, 2016
I started to freak out when I heard Sanji and Zoro sing😍😍 I wish I could have heard Robin~Chan though.. >^<
Meowtothesky Meowtothesky Jun 13, 2015
Please make more chapters this is the only one piece zolu fanfic that's actually updates in a long time like come on people have imagination or at least update once in a while
music_100 music_100 Jun 12, 2015
omg can someone please tell me which movie was in the video in the end please please i watched that movie but forgot which one i really need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! onee gai!!!