Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Lord of Monsters

Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Lord of Monsters

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t r x c e y – • – By xXJust_A_FanGirlXx Updated Oct 31, 2016

Perseus Jackson was tossed out like yesterday' s trash after he made a terrible mistake that was entirely on accident.

He forgot about his promise from his time in Tartarus and used his control over liquids for death.

After he was surrounded by monsters, he used his ability to destroy the monsters by boiling and freezing their blood.

After Annabeth finds out, she is horrified of her boyfriend.

Or ex-boyfriend.

In fear of Percy, she cuts all ties with him and spreads the word.

Percy's old friends are disgusted and avoid him.

And to top it all off, Annabeth found a new boyfriend.

The worst part?

He is actually a decent person. It's impossible to hate him.

Where does that leave Percy? Rotting in Tartarus-where he was sentenced to as a punishment.

After receiving immortality and curses on top of curses, Perseus is ready to rise from the depths of Tartarus and unleash his rage.

ChromeCommander ChromeCommander Jul 04, 2016
If only Hans50 were to update it. I love both of his unfinished works.
bladesun17051 bladesun17051 Apr 02, 2016
The picture was made by viria on tumbler. She also has You tube videos. You should check it out. She's really cool
xXJust_A_FanGirlXx xXJust_A_FanGirlXx Oct 01, 2016
lol i dOnT REmEmbEr writiNg this??? um what is camp demigod i dont remember writing this this is sad
gauriktheking gauriktheking Jul 14, 2016
But Dippers chest is so bare, it's a sun. So why not give him some chest hair to remove that sun?
PetrxMaximoff PetrxMaximoff Oct 15, 2016
I like this story. I've read the description and I know I will like it.
attackonjackson attackonjackson Jul 28, 2015