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purple guy x reader_ memory book

purple guy x reader_ memory book

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Green Space Dorito By -kennysama- Completed

You smack your alarm clock very hard and check the time. Thank god, you aren't late.... You get out of bed and put on a white t shirt with black edges, a golden necklace, and black skinny jeans. You brush through your tangle of (h/c) hair and put on a black hoodie with kitty ears. You slip on grey converse and run down the stairs. You say good morning to your mother, eat your toast, and kiss her goodbye. You run outside and get inside the cobalt Toyota and your dad druves you to school.
You sigh as you enter your school. Since you have English after homeroom, you put all your other books in your locker and get our your large English textbook. You shut your locker with a slam. "Hey, there." You feel a warm breath against your neck. "Agh!" You yelp. You turn to see who said hello to you. A boy around you age is standing there, with a large smirk on his face. For some reason, his whole body, including his hair, is purple. He leans against a locker and stares at ...

What is she gonna kill me? :D if she tries to it's ok I won't be the one dying
Crystal just described my friend named Sophia except Sophia is nice. Really nice.
ChibiCore ChibiCore Apr 06, 2016
Vincent: Don't sit with them.
                              Me: I wasn't gonna.
                              Vincent: Oh.
                              Me: IM A SCIENCE NERD BRUH. NO ONE LIKES SCIENCE NERD ;-;
- - Oct 03, 2016
Yeah imma just that he is the pole-bear design (not trying to hate or anything)
- - Oct 17, 2016
Me: Pfft, i only said i would to be nice, But we both know i am not a nice person *laughs*
                              Vincent: well,DUH LOL *high fives*
Tord-Tastic Tord-Tastic Dec 01, 2016
Have my Vincent plushie eating ice cream and reading Fanfiction, doesent get better than that