A Lot Like Complicated

A Lot Like Complicated

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Arlington High Book Two:         

Mourning the loss of her aunt in the park one day, the last thing sixteen-year-old Jasmine Cooley expects is for a handsome boy to come and comfort her. While on a walk with his best friend, the last thing sixteen-year-old Raviv Shapira expects is to run into a beautiful girl crying. After the first awkward meeting, Jasmine and Raviv endeavor to put it past them, but fate has its own plans and the two keep bumping into one another and slowly they decide to become friends.

             The closer they get the more Raviv can't deny his growing feelings for Jasmine. For Raviv, Jasmine's the one girl who he actually clicks with. To Jasmine they're just friends, great friends. But when the lines between friends and more begin to get blurry, it all becomes clear that there may be something there for the two of them.

              There's just one problem: Raviv's grandmother is moving in with his family. Ever since Raviv was little all he's heard from his savta is how she would love for him to grow up and settle down and marry a traditional Jewish girl, and Jasmine is NOT Jewish. Fate brought them together but reality may be what tears them apart.     

[NOTE: This is a SEQUEL / BOOK TWO of an on-going series, go read A LOT LIKE REDEMPTION first before reading this story]

Please this is gonna be like my fourth time reading this book...
childish4life childish4life Jun 05, 2016
My grandmother had cancer and died a couple of months back. She had cancer for 25 years
She's so pretty she needs to stop mess my with tommy he's no good like his brother
- - Feb 26
Already haven't started reading yet but I'm in love with the formatting of this book. The pictures, the name tags, the slogans at the very beginning....wonderful and so aesthetically pleaisng
lexcoupe lexcoupe Dec 17, 2015
i'm actually really excited to see zayn and justine as the lead characters, such a cute ship. i'm really excited for this!
DeraDatChick DeraDatChick Nov 17, 2015
My maternal aunt and my favorite aunt also died of breast cancer a year ago yesterday was her birthday