The Boyfriend Hunt

The Boyfriend Hunt

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RJ (: By hauntedspade Updated Aug 15

And like a gentle caress when my name rolled off his tongue, I swear I've never felt sick before, but with him there, it was so, so hard to breathe. He burned me like the cigar he was smoking while I was drowning with the stars embedded in the universe of his eyes. 

And the worst part, you ask?

I didn't feel the pain and saw beneath the lies, and then when he with a twitch of his lips, he claimed me like sin should've felt and I lost everything with those lips -- who ruined me whole, and they still somehow felt like sunshine -- just after the storm.

When Rain Panache gets in a fight with the head cheerleader Lindsay, she accepts a game she shouldn't play. 

She is now screwed.  



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Awkwoord Awkwoord Jun 16
When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in people's eyes 🙄
when life gives you lemons make orange juice and make them wonder how u did it
AkwardTrash AkwardTrash Sep 01
When Life gives you lemons put it on your taco if you don't have a lime
hyrule hyrule Jun 23, 2015
Haha, her and Cara are so cute together, I love their friendship. And she's so sassy! c:
                              This is actually a really cool idea!! c:
MysteriousCookie007 MysteriousCookie007 Jun 19, 2015
oooohh! burrrn!! you could say she got 'Rained'on... heh heh heh... okay I'll stop xD (worst pun ever!)
allein- allein- Jun 11, 2015
I'm already addicted to this story *-* xD imma fail my finals with pride xD