Mating Season (a FairyTail fanfic)

Mating Season (a FairyTail fanfic)

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LizzyHills By LizzyHills Updated Jun 11, 2015

It is Dragon Slayer Mating Season and you, Lucy, Levy, Juvia, Mira, and the little boy, Romeo are chosen as their mates. The only thing that makes you different is that you have two dragon slayers desperate to be your mate.

Read to find out.

WARNING: This contains a lot of lemons.

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g spot is in found when intercourse... not hickeys....😬😬😬
I didn't know it was possible to be redder then  Erza's hair!  Learn something new everyday
Rebels_Riot Rebels_Riot Feb 18, 2016
                              HAPPY LOOK AWAY DONT DO THIS WITH KARLA!!!!
                              AND DONT SHOW WENDY AND ROMEO THAT PICTURE!!!
Ryeturtle Ryeturtle Dec 05, 2016
I imagine natsu liking her like orchimaru from naruto buut like all over her face then its just awkward
TinaCifaloglio TinaCifaloglio Feb 25, 2016
*gabs lucy's high heel* Im really sorry about this happy *throws Lucy's high heel at Happy* SORRY HAPPY!!!!!
Ryeturtle Ryeturtle Dec 05, 2016
I saw a picture where it was gray and there was fifty of them and they got lighter at the top and darker at the bottom and it said 'Fifty shades of Gray' i couldnt breathe after that😂