Karasuno's Silent Queen

Karasuno's Silent Queen

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Yukimura Akane, She is the vice captain in mix volleyball at Sorakaku middle school. During her middle school life was quite busy because their team had won Internationals. Everyday she faced interviews and photo shoots. Due to her shy and quiet personality she can't handle those very well. 

On her middle school graduation everything ended, all of the members was disbanded because they had to go to different places. However they made a promise to return to 2nd year of high school to go for internationals again. She also confessed to her crush, captain of the volleyball team and never got a proper answer from him. Therefore she closed her heart, afraid of being hurt.

Akane and Kiyoko decided to go to Karasuno high school, in there she met a man named Sugawara Koushi. 

Will she able to fall in love again?

DISCLAIMER :  I do not own any Haikyuu CHARACTERS AND SETTINGS AS WELL AS IMAGES SHOWN. But I own everything else.

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11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Mar 30
Ding dong diggi diggi dong. Diggi diggi dong the catch is on! Ding dong diggi diggi dong. Diggi diggi ding dang dong
I don't like when people say things like this!!🙄 it's like gurul you don't even know me  *snaps in z pattern, sassy✌🏼️
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Mar 30
... she hit a nerve... *All of the volleyball teams mentioned in the anime plus the extras and stuff have to hold me back* LET ME GO!!! LET ME AT THIS *Tsuki comes and covers my mouth* *muffled noises are heard then a scream. Next thing u see is me breathing heavy and stuff destroyed all aroun me*
rheachii rheachii Jul 20
Wut? Why u trying to start a fight with our Kiyoko-chan, huh??? *gangster face though I'm a girl*
Darling, I look fit for nothing other then books, waifus, husbandos and school. But you know what? I can take down a few hoes like you anytime, dear, without hesitation, so... don't you go judging on appearances~
kuroiinekoo kuroiinekoo Apr 21
Im still an art student, but i can say that art is good. Improvements like shaping the body to match the other body parts can be made.