I need you [reader x readers crush, lemon]

I need you [reader x readers crush, lemon]

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Mekutakiariku By lemons4u Updated Sep 20

Y/N = your name
C/N= crush name.
H/C= hair colour
H/L= hair length
E/C= eye colour
F/C= favourite colour

You walk down the hall, trying to make it to the front doors of your school hoping desperately that you'll catch the bus. It's your second year at high school and you're still not used to taking the bus since you could always just walk home before.

You make it outside, panting and sweaty, right when the bus drives away from the school. "Are you fucking kidding me?" You swear stomping your foot like an angry child. You look at your watch checking the time then you look to the sky in irritation. "Guess I'm walking home." You say. And adjust your bag on your shoulder. You begin walking away when you hear you're name being called.

"Y/N!" Someone yells. You spin around on your heel only to see C/N running towards you. A blush immediately makes its way to your cheeks. He stops in front of you and smiles.

"hey." You say returning the smile then looking awkwardly at your feet. 

"Miss t...

RK_141 RK_141 Oct 16
But, I have a flannel on, a very heavy one at that.  You would be able to see ANYTHING under it.  XD
What the freak am I wearing?? I have so many questions. 😐
MobQueen33 MobQueen33 Nov 02
It was AWESOME (me saying full of lust while reading it) 
                              In the morning
                              Ugh *remembers it* OH MY MOTHER OF GOD*nosebleeds*
Mordicye Mordicye Oct 08
Whenever I hear the word boob I think of the movie 'Horton Hears A Who'
NinyaOtaku NinyaOtaku 5 days ago
When ever I see "Le" I kinda get annoyed cause I speak French, but at least it's used correctly, cause you can't forget about "La"
Ihavecripplinggay Ihavecripplinggay Aug 03, 2015
This is probably a late post but I loved that lemon you posted. I love reader x reader inserts. and the switching genders like male x male or female x female stuff is cool idea too~