I need you [reader x readers crush, lemon]

I need you [reader x readers crush, lemon]

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Mekutakiariku By lemons4u Updated Sep 20, 2016

Y/N = your name
C/N= crush name.
H/C= hair colour
H/L= hair length
E/C= eye colour
F/C= favourite colour

You walk down the hall, trying to make it to the front doors of your school hoping desperately that you'll catch the bus. It's your second year at high school and you're still not used to taking the bus since you could always just walk home before.

You make it outside, panting and sweaty, right when the bus drives away from the school. "Are you fucking kidding me?" You swear stomping your foot like an angry child. You look at your watch checking the time then you look to the sky in irritation. "Guess I'm walking home." You say. And adjust your bag on your shoulder. You begin walking away when you hear you're name being called.

"Y/N!" Someone yells. You spin around on your heel only to see C/N running towards you. A blush immediately makes its way to your cheeks. He stops in front of you and smiles.

"hey." You say returning the smile then looking awkwardly at your feet. 

"Miss t...

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He is luckily not that tall, around 1,72 metres, while I'm 1,65 m ^^
Anna_DanFran Anna_DanFran Sep 02, 2017
Were twins......
                              Jk! But yeah! Hes a year older than me
I'm pretty sure my crush isn't able to lift me up, I'm kinda curvy and he is more... yeah...dainty? I would say
Heronie12 Heronie12 Jan 14
C/N: you don’t need to hide from me Y/N. 
                              me: HECK YA I DO BOY I LIKE YOU AND actually... *drops everything* look at this fabulous body!!!
thecheesenoodles thecheesenoodles Oct 18, 2017
ahhhh, i think i've used this before... god i'll never use it agin. you can't use  "le time skip" twice. it's just not possible. at least in my book. (lol literally)
thecheesenoodles thecheesenoodles Oct 18, 2017
there is literally no point of going to his house, i've been through heavy rain before, and it's really not that bad. and if it was a hurricane then people would be evacuated. lol whatever i don't care, just sayin :P