A Scandalous Job

A Scandalous Job

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Katherine By Pepperlicious Completed

He was the son of America's most prosperous billionaire and heir to his father's company.

She was the new intern from California.

These two polar opposites were never supposed to meet.

But Chance Burke has other ideas for his feisty, new intern. Chance needs Piper for a job. 

A very dangerous, and scandalous job.

Highest Rank: #2 in Action
Warning: Contains some violence, language and sexual contact. Nothing more than PG-13, though.

  • billionaire
  • chance
  • drugs
  • gun
  • internship
  • piper
  • platinum
  • romance
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kaybay510 kaybay510 Jun 17, 2016
It's ok girl we've all seen taken its ok to be a bit apprehensive
PinkFluffyBunny11 PinkFluffyBunny11 Jul 17, 2016
JFK is in Queens. It takes a 40 minute (at least, depending on when you land) car ride, either over a bridge or through a tunnel, to actually get to Manhattan.
BookCommenterx BookCommenterx Aug 22, 2016
Your meant to be apprehensive when it comes to these things. You can't just let any stranger who knows your name and claims to work for a company is genuine.
Rosemarie562 Rosemarie562 Jul 19, 2016
I thought it said punch and my thoughts were ' I'll do that for you' I'm a horrible person 😂
NadaAzzabi NadaAzzabi Jul 28, 2016
No honey nothing beats hogwarts let me spell that for you n-o-t-h-i-n-g b-e-a-t-s h-o-g-w-a-r-t-s. Capiche
lulu1234122 lulu1234122 Aug 03, 2016
Stop.                                                                                                                              just                                                                                                                             STOP