Hunted - MiniCat

Hunted - MiniCat

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Six months ago, Mini, fed up with how things were going, left all his friends and moved to a small town called Genoa located in Nevada. This caused a rift in his relationship with Tyler as he wanted to take the plunge and move things along with Mini. 

Four months ago, Tyler's dad passed away and Tyler was exposed to his deep family secret. His whole family are werewolves... So on every full moon, bones break, howling begins and fur starts to grow and soon enough the wolf has taken over Tyler.

Tyler's family, The Hunters, Vampires and even Witches come out to play and shake things up for everyone. How long before Tyler has the urge to rip Mini's throat out? Can Mini handle the big secret? 

Mini Ladd and I AM WILDCAT fanfiction.
As Long As You Love Me - Sleeping At Last Cover.

+also please... Mini and Tyler... both of you never read this if you find it. lol It's just for funzies.

One of my friends is in love with that show, but I don't really see what all the hype's about.
DemonNovak DemonNovak Feb 04
Wow autocorrect really got you there, I think you meant amazing 😂
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7 hours?? 
                              It only takes 2 hours to ride through the whole country where i live in
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Right when I read about Vanoss, he uploaded a video( I got a notification )
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Wow, why didn't I start reading this sooner? What kind of person am I?!
Zer0_Dash Zer0_Dash Oct 24, 2015
                              This is awesome and I dont mibd about the pov thing. Please dont mind me while I sit and fangirl in the corner..