Gray's Twin || Fairytail Fanfic

Gray's Twin || Fairytail Fanfic

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Gracelyn Fullbuster is Gray's Twin sister. She uses the same magic as him but is a ice dragon slayer. Or does she have more? She saves him and they reunite and share their adventures together.

(I do not own Fairytail. Only OC's and plot).


•while plot and book is mine
•book gonna be rewritten

I love the fact rant author-chan put the link below. ;u; Finally someone does it. Thank you Author-chan.
Blunar_Rabid Blunar_Rabid Oct 04, 2016
JUVIA-love rival!
                              Me:I'm just his sister
                              JUVIA:who cares he treats you better than he treats me!
I love everyone says it's cute when I first saw it in thought why is gray trying to bit her boob
Blueumbreon34 Blueumbreon34 Feb 06, 2016
Feels I have like a bro but he is 1 year and 5 months older than me and we are like twins
1_PinkiePie_1 1_PinkiePie_1 Nov 16, 2016
Does no one notice that gray's hoody is happy?!? Lol but kawaii pic !
Julia: You are Juvia's love rival! Gray-sama is mine!
                              Gracelyn: I'm his twin sister.
                              Julia: *mumbles* Twincest.