To Italy!

To Italy!

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Our young Decimo and his friends are going to visit Italy for some unfortunate plans that Reborn made. But of course, they have some guests that are invited together with them. 

Reborn, being the sadist tortu-tutor he is, organized the trip for his own entertainment and amusement. 

Let's join and tag along as our favorite Mafia Family roam the lands of Italy!

Please don't copy this book without my consent. Hope you guys understand. Hahaha, please go on and read this book and enjoy! Please note that I don't own anything besides the plot. Thanks. 

This story is currently under editing, seeing that my past self's writing is somewhat simple. So yeah, hoping to make longer chapters from now on. And I'm also working on some extra chapters that I hope you will like.

Early warning: Don't read this if you're not into yaoi (boyxboy).

Does that mean this is after the  last chapter of the manga? Where tsuna is declared to be trained as neo primo by reborn and they have their vongola gear?