You're All I Need (Robin and Starfire)

You're All I Need (Robin and Starfire)

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Jasmin Angel By Jasmin_23_Min-min Updated Nov 11

Do you already feel when you love someone but you don't know what to do every time you see him/her?
Do you think he/she have the same feelings towards you?
Do you know when to confess your feelings to him/her?

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That sounded kinds stalker-ish. Just try to keep that to minimum please and thank you.
hypatamoose hypatamoose Jun 14, 2016
Wait, remind me again why I'm reading a fanfic of my favourite childhood show?
-marymellet -marymellet May 11, 2016
Keep tellin yourself that.... Your not even brave enough to confess your love to Star!!!!!
JJ_writer14 JJ_writer14 Oct 10, 2016
Boy if you don't shut up I get I understand it and agree except for the brave part
Y0L0_L0l Y0L0_L0l Jan 17
O  maybe she will be yours when you confess you feelings,for now is in rent :D
Icelhtlly Icelhtlly Jul 26, 2015
It's great!  I'll be waiting patienly ... well no desperately!!! :)