Just a misunderstanding (Dipper x reader)

Just a misunderstanding (Dipper x reader)

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Ugh kill me now By lara_vincent Updated Oct 03, 2016


 You are a 14 year old crazy fangirl who just moved to Gravity Falls. When you meet Mabel and Dipper you straight up know that they're true friends. You find a certain  liking for Dipper but you don't have the nerve to tell him.

I do not own any characters whatsoever. The only things that I own is the story and your soul. You own your body, but your soul completely belongs to me.
(Stan's brother or 'the author' will not be concluded in this book. This book will not include parts of episodes and put into chapters. Only characters and maybe short parts that are a sentence long.)

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Buggaboo44 Buggaboo44 Oct 05, 2016
I'm 12 right now
                              Like most of the comments say :3
                              I didn't know there were so many ppl my age here :D
ItsSierraL ItsSierraL Aug 30, 2016
So many people here are 12 lmao im actually 14 good guess author ;)
starnightluvs2read starnightluvs2read Aug 03, 2016
I would be like:
                              Me: annnnnnnd who the fluff are you? O.o
                              Mabel: YO BEST FRIEND 
                              Me: ye imma go with your bro :v
Falloutfreak12 Falloutfreak12 Aug 29, 2016
no offense but it's mom not mum it's kinda starting to annoy me but it's still a very good book
Skyler_Studios Skyler_Studios Dec 08, 2016
No please dont tell its...its...no wifi(bill flys into room)
                              Bill:hahaha hello pines family and star im here to destroy your own existence
                              Me:shut up you dorito im mourning about the wifi...my beautiful youtube...gone
CherryBoiO CherryBoiO Jul 24, 2016
They are 12, but it's ok. I am really 14 XD author is guessing well (or author is not author, but Bill Cipher...?)