Nine-Tailed Beauty  ( Creepypasta x Reader )

Nine-Tailed Beauty ( Creepypasta x Reader )

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★Yoosung_Cinnamon★ By i_ish_love_candy Updated Aug 29

After the little 'Incedent' you haved with the Royal Family, Kuno you're Master send you in Hibernation. And after that things get a 'little' strange. The same sundress you wore was still white as snow, You're Rich skin was unharmed or any unwanted scratches, You're Flowing Waterfall-like hair was healthy you're ( e/c ) was like the ( gem color ) shining at the night. which is good of course... 


Their's always a beast inside of a creature right? 



'Man Stealer'

Ah... that's what they call you, but most likely you're supposed to be called a Gumiho a yes, such a nice name for a monster yourself ain't it?


Jeff: Ah... What a woman! Every man would kill for her Love, So lay one finger at her you'll go to sleep instantly! 

EJ: Such a gorgeous girl. never really taught I'll get to meet such a Beauty... But touch her you're Dead!

BEN: Huh... never really taught I could fall in love... but get near her you'll burst into flames!

( No more words can fit sorry T-T )

Carla is probably a bully at a school... I hope she burns in hell...
I'm going to use my tsundere powers on you, bish I'm ze real alpha.
What I'm ze Luna
                              I make ze rules
                              I can kill you when I want
                              I don't love you never have never will
                              Now give me ze katana so I can put it with MY other weapons of mass destruction
Do you hate this girl named Carla cause I see her in most of you storys?
                              Just asking
StarGirlJ StarGirlJ Jun 28
You had triple 6 followers. I followed you. Now you don't! 667th follower!! Awesome story! I'm so baaad!....I love it!!
When I saw the word "Gumiho" I remembered Naruto and Kurama TT^TT