Bad Boy Good Boy [BTS V FanFiction] [Complete]

Bad Boy Good Boy [BTS V FanFiction] [Complete]

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SooAh By SooAh_Kim Completed

V is a bad boy. He's always fighting. He also a heart player. He change his girlfriend like a clothes and nearly date all the girls in the school. His hobbit is bullying people. What will happen after he dating Sooyeon ? Will he change ?

Started : 31 May 2015 
Ended :   05 March 2016 

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KookieFlavoredMochi KookieFlavoredMochi Sep 03, 2017
There are all these normal people here commenting and then there's my thoughts:   
                              'Wait was it a peck or a deep and long kiss'. I'm just confused
ParkAbby14 ParkAbby14 Jan 18
Since when fun and school can be use in one sentence? 
                              LMAO just now
JhoanaAlexiaValencia JhoanaAlexiaValencia Sep 13, 2017
Okay... whenever u gonna say member please put an s because it looks like it means the... u know their 'thing'
btstaehyung1234 btstaehyung1234 Nov 17, 2017
omg if some ramdom ppl do that i'll just strike at them and they will fly to venus ...
saranghey_gorl saranghey_gorl Dec 24, 2017
If it was me I wouldn't even know what to do after the kiss and just stare at him while he would probably smirk at me ♀ 🙅
martikuli martikuli Apr 07
Hahaah making jokes at the breakfast table! haha nice one mom😂