Love hurts but does Love Change or Stay lock? (diabolik lover fanfic)

Love hurts but does Love Change or Stay lock? (diabolik lover fanfic)

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Idol_Airashii By Idol_Airashii Updated Oct 17

Yui Komori,we all know she's innocent and kind. She had a pure heart. Ofcourse,yes. Yui loves Ayato as how much Ayato loves her too.

But everything about their lovestory just break out in just because of one thing.. 

No wonders.. that started how Yui hated Ayato that much and started being a Cold Hearted Queen B. Princess of R.A,Queen B and Fairy Princess all these titles..? Yui holds those titles. Yui is more known as Princess of R.A. Every girl adores and envy Yui's. Every guy adores,like,love and wants Yui to be theirs.

But what if the other vampires showed up and started taking her away from the Sakamaki's?
What if Yui fell in love with someone else?
Do she still love Ayato?
Who makes her happy?
Who are those who showed up?

®Read to find out


I read "Ayato" everywhere, it kinda makes me laugh for no reason-
Everyone is saying it is nice....i wanna try some 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
:o For time skips (if I haven't already mentioned it already.) I'd recommend breaking it up with Asterisks or offsetting the time shift within the narrative.
Yaaayyyy! Another Filipino on the block! But may favorite kind of food is sinigang.
Misao66 Misao66 Aug 27, 2015
I wanted her to be an ex or something but a fiancée?????/???
Misao66 Misao66 Aug 27, 2015
Aha don't worry about your English.... It'll eventually become perfect!!
                              I'm liking it so far