Angelic Wolf- Derek Hale

Angelic Wolf- Derek Hale

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KC is new to Beacon Hills. She stays with her cousin, Lydia, because of the tragic death of her family.
 Her family was killed by a rival pack werewolves. But as far as the police is concerned, they were killed by a Mountain Lion.

Derek, the Alpha in Beacon Hills, is instantly attracted to her. But how will he react when she brings in new pack members? Will he want them? Will he leave them? 

Mates? Best friends? Weird Destiny? What is KC's destiny? What is KC?

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kelseav kelseav Oct 22, 2017
Is there a sequel this soooooo awesome it is the best teen wolf fanfic I have read I will send the link to my friend when she wakes up because it's 05:32 in the morning
mainfemale mainfemale Jun 24, 2017
smutttttyyyyyyyy Smut Smut yayyyyy (I really hope this has a bomb ass smut scene bc if so I'll screammmmm)
willow3345 willow3345 Nov 17, 2016
I don't have to do that I live on England and have to wear a uniform. So
Roman_Around Roman_Around Jul 27, 2016
That's what I do when I have to make decisions, I'm not very good at them.
AlphaGirl2015 AlphaGirl2015 May 30, 2015
these should say, when I arrived at school I had feeling as though I was being watched. sounds a little better.