Just One Bite

Just One Bite

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Lovatic.magic By lovatic_magic Updated Jan 18, 2017

Ambrogio stared into Ever's eyes intensely, and this gesture was enough to make her core heat up, and her laced panties soaked.

He strode across the room as she untangled herself from the stranger and pulled the large t-shirt she had on, which belonged to Ambrogio, down to cover her thighs. 

He stopped only when his face was centimeters away from her and turn her head to face him, with little to no resistance on her part.

His grip was tight , yet gentle 

His fingers calloused, yet soft

His eyes burning with emotion 

He opened his ruby red, plump lips so speak.

" Ever, Ever, Ever..." he trailed with a soft smirk on his face.
The people surrounding them turned to stare, and she hadn't known her eyes were closed until she felt a pair of cold lips on the lids.

" My sweet human. You have disobeyed me once again," he began. " A very punishable offense " he spoke  in her ear.

Maybe she wanted to be punished.

Maybe she was finally accepting what fate had given her. 


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Sammysam318 Sammysam318 Nov 24, 2015
Well didn't that come and slap her back in the face :-) good job